Kicky’s Ridge Trail begins from the door of the chalet and is entirely on Blueberry Meadows property. Approximately ¾ of a mile, but hilly, it can be hiked in one hour. While the trail is regularly groomed and mowed for easy walking, the remainder of the property is in a natural state.



It is the range of deer, turkey and many varieties of birds including nesting owls and pileated woodpeckers, as well as an occasional roaming bear.

(Barred Owl photo courtesy of Harlene Marks and Willhelm Hauck, Blueberry Meadows, 2006)

(Wild Turkey photo courtesy of Tim Caldwell, Blueberry Meadows, 2007)

(Pileated Woodpecker photo courtesy of Kirstyn Caldwell, Blueberry Meadows, 2007)

The 2640 ft. summit of Kicky’s Ridge provides good views of the surrounding terrain, especially when leaves are off the trees between October and May.


Blueberry Meadows shares a 2000 foot border with the Clear Shade Wild Area, one of Pennsylvania ’s most pristine wilderness preserves. Created in the 1970’s from the Babcock State Forest, its nearly 3000 acres were set aside to be enjoyed by hikers, cross-country skiers, campers, hunters and fishermen. No motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted in the wild area, nor is lumbering or any other activity that artificially changes the environment. Clear Shade Creek, a high quality stream that contains naturally reproducing trout runs through the center of the wild area.

From the Kicky’s Ridge Trail, guests can access an old firebreak road in the wild area to add up to three miles to their hike.